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Very often MP’s boast around in social networks and in meeting with the electorate that they “brought” money to their constituency. In our research we came across Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers # 395 on providing subvention in 2016 from the state budget for social and economic development of some territories, which we analyzed.

Besides, we found out what MP’s actually do to solicit this money.

It's located in suite 303, which is also listed to a nail spa and immigrant caregiver agency (Russia, Ukraine, Israel and Moldova).

A website related to the caregiver agency, Atlantes, shows an alleged (we couldn't find her on the Law Society listings) paralegal standing next to a former Toronto mayor.

Carbon-14 dating has been used successfully on the Dead Sea Scrolls, Minoan ruins and tombs of the pharaohs among other things.

Observers of Civil Network OPORA haven't noticed any violations during the 24 December election day in united territorial communities, which could have affected the voting process or the election results with the scale or consequences.

Most of the detected issues and incidents were caused by unprofessionalism or low competence of PEC members.

While preparing the Draft Law to the second reading, MPs have submitted over 600 modifications and propositions.

However, such activeness of the deputy corps didn't increase neither transparency, nor inclusiveness of the discussion process.

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One of the associated foreign websites, immigrate.ru, assists wanna-be émigrés with potential issues such as "How to export from Ukraine large sum of money if you fly to Canada".

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