The atlantic magazine online dating

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The atlantic magazine online dating

Did online dating change my perception of permanence?

As Slater notes, "the profit models of many online-dating sites are at cross-purposes with clients who are trying to develop long-term commitments." Which is exactly why they are happy to be quoted talking about how well their sites work for getting laid and moving on.

And none of them have much to do with online dating.

Yet our story places all of the emphasis for Jacob's drift on his desire to browse online dating profiles.

Now, let's stipulate that there is no dataset that perfectly settles the core question: Does online dating increase or decrease commitment or its related states, like marriage?

But I'll tell you one group that I would not trust to give me a straight answer: People who run online dating sites.

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That same 2008 paper found that the biggest change in marriage could be increasingly "co-ed" workplaces.

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