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Sussex parish registers online

Found in the records are the names of several men who died during the First and Second World Wars.During the First World War, Lance Corporal Alexander W., 5 June 1775, printed an account of the battle given by Edward Thorton Gould of His Majesty’s Own Regiment of Foot, ‘under the Orders of General Gage, I embarked with Light-Infantry and Grenadiers of the Line commanded by Colonel Smith, and landed on the Marshes of Cambridge, from whence we proceeded to Lexington.On our arrival at that place, we saw a Body of Provincial Troops armed, to the number of about 60 to 70 men.So don't expect miracles and if you are expecting to find someone in the Dorset collection on Findmypast, for example, and they're not there, it doesn't mean they weren't in Dorset.Knowing the parish your ancestor is likely to have been in is still important, even if it is just to back up something you’ve found online.THE PARISH REGISTER TRANSCRIPTION SOCIETY HAS TRANSFERRED ALL OF THEIR SUSSEX MATERIAL TO THE SUSSEX FAMILY HISTORY GROUP PAGE.PLEASE CLICK ON SUSSEX FAMILY HISTORY GROUP TO SEE ALL THEIR SUSSEX PARISH REGISTER TRANSCRIPTION SOCIETY HOLDINGS.

In 1733, John bought the grounds of Saint Hill and a manor house on the site.However, speculative searching can yield some great results so, without further ado, here are some great websites (some free, some fee-paying) that are worth visiting in your hunt for your family’s past.10 free websites with great parish register collections... Family Search – The biggest free online resource for family historians has a vast database of parish register entries.On our approach they dispersed, and soon after firing began; but which party fired first I cannot exactly say, as our Troops rushed on shouting and huzzaing, previous to the firing, which was continued by our Troops for as long as any of the Provincials were to seen.’ You can find more newspaper accounts of the American Revolution or uncover stories about your ancestors in the British Newspapers.In the past, family historians had to know which parish an ancestor was likely to have been baptised, married or buried in and then track down where those records were held and start browsing.

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Discovered within the Sussex Burial records is the name of Thomas Gage. He fought in the French and Indian War, in 1755, at the Battle of Monongahela.