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Another shows piles of notes in a billiards room full of computer terminals at her North Hills Village home where her team of 'chatters' are said to have operated.The gloating images were found on Facebook accounts operated by Caparas and her family when police seized computers from her home in a 2014 raid.They work to a prepared text to coax victims.'We tease them to get them comfortable and we work to a prepared text.' The 'chatter' then captures the victim performing a sex act on camera and uploads the video to an unlisted You Tube page.The chatter's boss then gets in touch with the victim and threatens to send the link to the video to family and friends via Facebook if they do not pay blackmail demands.So the Bangor police department put out a little PSA on its Facebook page and gave the men of the town some simple steps to follow if they receive this request.

I am so sorry for the victims,' she said.'I was terribly shocked and sad when I hear what happened to the boy in Scotland.The computers are believed to be where her workers seduce and blackmail foreign men online In a tasteless joke at the expense of their desperate victims, the back of the T-shirt features the symbol that pops up on Skype when a victim has blocked a 'chatter' with the words 'We hate this' beneath it.Cybercrime profits, Caparas – said by neighbours to have bought a fleet of cars and up to 10 houses around the area with her Sextortion earnings – handed out gifts of flat-screen TVs, i Phones, i Pads and Samsung smart phones as raffle prizes at the party, one witness said.The conversation starts to get sexual, as things do.She (or the bot) asks the guy to jerk off and send her a video.

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