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Orson welles oja kodar dating

He married socialite Virginia Nicholson in 1934 and moved to New York. In New York, with John Houseman, a young theatrical producer, he formed one of the most important partnerships in the American arts.Houseman was running the Negro section of the Works Progress Administration's Federal Theater Project, for which Welles mounted in 1936 a "voodoo version of ," with an all-black cast plus dancers and drummers.ORSON WELLES, 1915-1985 From American National Biography Online : "Welles, Orson (-10 Oct.1985), director and actor, was born George Orson Welles in Kenosha, Wisconsin, the son of Richard Hodgon Welles, an inventor and businessman, and Beatrice Ives, a talented amateur musician.He soon had the Mercury Theater on the air, experimenting with the possibilities of radio drama.His best-known Mercury radio play was an updated version of H. Wells's science fiction tale, , broadcast on Halloween night.The film, released on , fared only moderately well at the box office.However, was directed with such stylistic verve and with such innovative use of cinematography, sound, and music and within such a daring narrative structure that it became one of the most celebrated films ever made.

Welles had not finished its editing when he went to Brazil to begin shooting a film for the U. Office of the Coordinator of Inter-American Affairs.In 1937 Welles and Houseman founded the Mercury Theater, which attracted a talented ensemble of actors, many of whom later followed Welles to Hollywood.In addition to his stage career, Welles appeared regularly on radio, playing the Shadow in a weekly adventure drama.Welles was precocious, his pampered childhood abruptly ending after his mother's death when he was nine.At eleven he was enrolled in the progressive Todd School in Woodstock, Illinois, where he directed and acted in classics by Shakespeare and Shaw.

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In September 1943 he married Hollywood star Rita Hayworth; they had one child and were divorced in 1947.

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