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What if you took fresh fr ...- Generous assortment of tapas - Selection from across Spain - Instant party with no preparation - Excellent gift basket!

- Serves 10 to 12 people Give the gift of a full tapas party in a basket!

It ...- Serrano Spanish cured ham - Dry-cured in mountain air - Holder not included - USDA approved - See Video tab for slicing instructions This is the real thing - the traditional Jamon Serrano, Spain's c ...- Jamon Serrano, Spanish country ham - Bone-in ~ 16 - 18lb whole ham - Salt cured, ready to be sliced - Top quality 'Trivium', aged 15 to 20 months - Holder not included In any town, in any bar or ca ...- Ready to serve and enjoy!

- Includes two kinds of dry-cured Iberico chorizo - Serves 10-12 - Makes a great gift Our Feast of Spanish Flavor basket contains all anyone will need for an authentic tapa ...- Authentic Spanish aged olive wood - Carved by skilled artisan Angel in Navarra - Beautiful craftsmanship paired with practical use - Large bowl is 9.5 in diameter and 3.25 deep - Small bowls are 6 i ...- Bone-in ham, USDA approved - Mountain cured in La Alberca - Cured for 18-20 months - Holder not included - Featured in Bon Appetit magazine Our friends at Jamones Fermin bring you a very special ham ...- Humanely-raised Spanish pigs - Mountain cured in La Alberca - USDA approved - Holder not included - Gluten Free Jamones Y Embutidos bring you a very special product from the medieval mountain town o ...- Six great wines selected by our family - Perfect for sharing the best wines of Spain - Packed with tasting notes and a shell wine stopper - Different varietals and vintages to taste - Wine deliverie ...- Some of Spain's finest! - Category I; DO La Mancha - Gluten Free 'Princesa de Minaya' is An artisanal saffron of immense quality quotes 'Lo Mejor de la Gast ...- Acorn-fed, free-range Iberico ham - Freshly cut weekly at La Tienda - Ready to slice and serve - Perfect amount when an entire ham is too much - USDA inspected Cut from center of the ham, this piece ...- Striking stainless steel pan - Great for large parties!

It is accompanied by art ...- Free-range, acorn fed masterpiece - Aged for up to 4 years - Our exceptional house brand, Peregrino - 100% pure Iberico breed - Serve thinly sliced at room temperature Jamon Iberico de Bellota is a ...- Firmly holds boneless paletas and hams - Patented design ensures a flat cutting surface - Eliminates waste - allows one to cut the whole piece - Perfect for the novice ham slicer - Helps ensure thin ...- Authentic 'pata negra' from Spain - Acorn fed, free range - See Video tab for slicing instructions - Holder not included - USDA approved Jamon Iberico de Bellota is the ultimate of its kind, in a c ...- From acorn fed, free range pork - Cured in the mountain air - Rich, nutty flavor - USDA approved - Aged 4 years This Reserva ham by Fermin is intensely flavorful, and each slice is marbled with gold ...- Made of thick, solid hardwood - Perfect for slicing bone-in jamon - Stainless steel hardware This 'Salamanca' jamonero features a heavy-gauge stainless steel ring within which the hoof is clamped.

...- Stunning gift basket - By 5J, one of Spain's most famous brands - Free-range, acorn-fed, pure Iberico - 12 packs of hand-sliced Bellota paleta - Exclusive Sargadelos plate and embroidered napkin Giv ...- Whole Serrano ham with holder - Artisan Manchego cheese - Fine wines and cava - Traditional Spanish turron candy - Makes a perfect gift!

A whole Serrano ham is the centerpiece of this deluxe collect ...- 5J, Spain's finest brand - Acorn fed, free range - 'Paleta' shoulder ham - Certified 'Bellota' quality - 100% pure Iberico breed Iberico de Bellota is the ultimate of its kind.

This beautifully packaged gift container holds ...- Made from Sapeli hardwood - Solidly built for perfect, easy slicing - Hardware made of stainless steel - Perfect for your favorite bone-in jamon 'Iberico' is the world's finest jamonero ham holder.Cured for over two years, thin slices of this ...- 5J - Cinco Jotas, One of Spain's finest brands - Acorn-fed, free range - Approx.6-7 lb boneless whole ham - 100% Iberico - Aged over 2 years Like the finest caviar, Jamon Iberico de Bellota is the ...- Includes a whole Iberico ham - Selection of Spanish red wine Iberico ham is Spain's ultimate gourmet specialty, and now you can enjoy this black hoofed beauty in your home.- Ready to serve - Serves 10-12 Why not share Spain's best in impressive fashion? - Care-free -- No seasoning required - *Pan will not fit in a standard oven This pan is great for large parties. Chorizo is a dry-cured sausage, seasoned with Spanish smoked paprika, which gives the meat its famous red color and deep flavor.This big gift basket includes some of Spain's finest foods and wines, all ready to eat with ...- Use with wood, charcoal or propane! The producer, 'Jamones Fermin', produces this chorizo using 100% Spanish ...

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Funds donated will go to benefit the Spanish Federation of Food Banks (FESBAL) which directly coordinates the effort ...- Made for left handed use - Slice like an expert - Special blade and guard for uniform slices - Get the most out of your whole jamon - Made in Spain When we heard what this knife could do, we had to ...- Slice like an expert - See video link below photo!