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I still use JAWS 5.1 which doesn't read wikipedia's CSS properly (basically because it's Internet support is unstable even without full CSS support).I use the monobook skin because I've become used to its quirks.

It sounds like the software the blind user is using doesn't do much to virtualise webpages to optimise them for speech.This would seem like a perfect fit for the toolserver, except that it doesn't work on en.wikipedia at the moment.--ais523 , 4 December 2006 (UTC)There is a relatively easy way, at least for the pages you have put the most work into.In the edit page, I have learnt to filter out the text of the sidebar when arrowing through to find where to place an edit.I locate the other forms (edit summary, watch this page, ETC) by pressing tab. Graham I believe that they are using the latest version of Dolphin, a UK screen reader programme over IE version 6.

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certainly the extra links in the skin are useful sometimes.

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