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Andy Cohen was unapologetic about his excitement over the prospect of dating her son. When Zolciak asked them how Cohen would dress if he were to role play during sex, he said that he would wear a cop costume.However, Cooper guessed that he would dress up like Snoopy.Cooper guessed boxers but Cohen shared that he's a briefs man.However, the Bravo host seemed to know his friend's TV tastes, because while Cooper said his favorite television program was As for what Cohen would dress up as if he "were to role play in the bedroom," Cooper quipped, "Snoopy." Cohen said he would be a cop. Continuing on with the game, Cohen guessed correctly that Cooper's "biggest fear" is "going broke.""I'm a catastrophist.As reported by , Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen recently opened up about the time a mutual friend tried to set them up on a blind date.Unfortunately for an overly enthusiastic Andy, he blew his shot with the CNN host by mentioning his mother during a phone call. The longtime best friends will be co-hosting CNN’s New Year’s Eve special next week and they opened up about their failed blind date many years ago.“We were actually set up on a blind date,” Anderson said about how he met Andy.

” When asked what Cohen would dress as if he were to role play in the bedroom, Cooper answered, “Snoopy,” while Cohen said “cop.”“We were set up on a blind date 25 years ago,” said Cohen, “which is how we met — but nothing happened.” “We never had a blind date,” Cooper said, adding, “I knew within 45 seconds I was never going on a date with Andy Cohen.” Cohen replied, “So nasty!" In case you're wondering, it's CNN anchor Cooper.Other questions included: "Does Andy wear boxers or briefs," "What is Anderson's favorite TV show," "If Andy were to role-play in the bedroom, what would he dress as," "What is Anderson's worst fear," and "At what age did Andy lose his virginity?Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen have know each other for decades, but the media personalities have never dated.According to Cooper, all it took was one short conversation with Cohen for him to know that he’s not his type at all.

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“I can’t get a word in edge-wise,” Cooper, 50, jabs back at Cohen. These BFFs have developed a well-oiled act of silly and sophisticated fun throughout the years, one that they’ve taken on the road for the last three years on their live stage show Q: Anderson, you’ve hosted the show since 2002, but this is the first time Andy is joining you. I’m having a bagel like a civilized human being, and he’s just scarfing down Chinese food.

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